Greening the WSSD is the first attempt to reduce the environmental impacts of a major UN Summit on the host city .  In this case, the people of Johannesburg. By working with them, we aim to protect, conserve and improve the city's environment and natural resources........ leaving a legacy for the future.
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Sharing and conserving our birthplace

Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site

Sharing and conserving our origins

An international centre, managed by the Gauteng Department of Agricultuire, Conservation, Environment and Land Affairs (DACEL) has been established at the Cradle of Humankind World Heritage Site. The centre is a collaboration between two parties: the Palaeoanthropological Unit for Research and Exploration (PURE) at the University of the Witwatersrand and the Center for Advanced Spatial Technologies at the University of Arkansas.Key activities include:

Research - advanced spatial technology archive, analyse and
disseminate information on fossils,
Education - post-graduate student exchanges and on-site training
Community Development - skills and jobs are developed
using the award-winning Environmental and Spatial Technology
(EAST) programme and PURE's private enterprise initiative for field
technicians. Fossil Trackers employs local people and
women to undertake field excavation using spatial technology.
Sustainable Development and Environmental Management - the
development of a GIS-based monitoring and evaluation and decision
support system for DACEL to conserve and appropriately develop the

Ms. Melinda Swift
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Bontle ke Botho: "Being beautiful is being human."

The Bontle ke Botho campaign - to find the cleanest school, ward and town in Gauteng - was run by the provincial government ahead of the Summit. By entering, communities took a conscious decision to keep their environment clean, green and beautiful - and to leave a beautiful legacy for the next generation, well beyond the Summit.

The objective of Bontle ke Botho - and other initiatives - was to change people's relationship with their environment. By targeting the leadership at schools and local government wards, Bontle ke Botho has had a substantial impact on understanding, attitudes, and behaviour.

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