Greening the WSSD is the first attempt to reduce the environmental impacts of a major UN Summit on the host city .  In this case, the people of Johannesburg. By working with them, we aim to protect, conserve and improve the city's environment and natural resources........ leaving a legacy for the future.
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Monitoring & Evaluation
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Joburg Climate Legacy
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The Sandton Convention
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Monitoring & Evaluation

Every little action will make a difference.

We've put an extensive monitoring and evaluation mechanism into place. Our initiative is not some feel-good "green-wash," but a real effort to put sustainable development into practice - before, during and after the Summit.

We'll measure the effectiveness of our efforts to reduce the environmental impacts of the Summit.

  • The survey will have three phases.

    " Phase One will be used to gather information on the various initiatives and their aims. It will also be used to collect information about the way venues for the Summit were run before the greening initiatives were introduced.

    " Phase Two will take place during the Summit and will be used to assess the success of each initiative by comparing results against the expectations. Delegates will be questioned to see if they are aware of and taking part in the greening initiatives.

    " Since a major aim of the Greening Initiatives is to positively influence event management across the world, Phase Three will be used to assess which initiatives have had a long-term effect -- and are sustainable.

The results will form a major part of a "Lessons Learnt" report. We'll present the report to the United Nations and other organisations world wide, so that future events can build on our experiences.

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