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        Zhoushan Fujie Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co.'Ltd. is a domestic professional manufacture of single, double screw extruder, injection molding machine screw, parallel conical twin-screw and accessones.And is a professional R&D, high-end design, production enterprises, factory strong technical force,and equipped with advanced special equipment and strict detection means, the company has advanced production technology and advanced equipment, testing equipment and means has very strict, to ensure that the product processing precision, and has design experience rich,stainless steel,chrome,nitnde,provide double metal welding,tungsten carbide surface coating and other products for customers,to meet the needs of different applications.The company product has good abrasion resistance,corrosion resistance and longer service life,is the first choice to replace imported products of screw.At the same time,to meet the different needs of customers,the factory also provides mapping reform design of screw, barreland sample.

        "Excellence.Exploration and innovation"is our enterprise spirit."To provide customers with high-quality products" is our business philosophy."To give customers the most satisfactory after-sales service"is our business objectives throughout the pursui."Fu Jie machinery" welcome new and old customers exchange guidance

        Welcome new and old customers come to discuss the consultation and communication and guidance, your satisfaction is our eternal pursuit and oblectives.