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      1. High-end professional R & D design

        Zhoushan Fu Jie Plastic Machinery Manufacturing Co., Ltd is specialized in manufacturing single, double extrusion screw, parallel and conical twin-screw attachment. It is a professional R & D and high-end design of the production enterprises, factory technical strength, an...[Detail]

        Production equipment quality inspection

        The company introduced a series of advanced processing equipment, such as large-scale CNC machining center, several CNC machine tools, metal spraying equipment, centrifugal casting equipment, advanced heat treatment and surface processi...[Detail]

        Improve the service system

        In order to better serve our customers, Fu Jie mechanical set up a complete service system.
        Service Support Phone: 0580-8086601 
        E-mail: fujiejixie@vip.163.com
        You can also here to give us suggestions or complaints to us.